• Question: Why was biology you're favourite subject in school?

    Asked by krissie on 25 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Helen Cooper

      Helen Cooper answered on 25 Jun 2018:

      I’ve always been interested in nature and animals so enjoyed learning things in Biology. Also my biology teacher was awesome – that may have had something to do with it!

    • Photo: Claire Donald

      Claire Donald answered on 25 Jun 2018:

      I loved leaning about our world and about the human body. I find the body really fascinating! When you enjoy learning about something it makes it easier to remember too so Biology was always my best subject!

    • Photo: Hannah Farley

      Hannah Farley answered on 25 Jun 2018:

      Biology actually wasn’t really my favourite subject at school – I preferred chemistry at A level as I thought the practicals were more fun. I’ve always liked genetics but that’s only a small part of the GCSE/A level syllabuses.

    • Photo: Lauren Burns

      Lauren Burns answered on 26 Jun 2018:

      I really didn’t enjoy biology in school, I was more of a physics girl. But, taking Psychology and University, you have to understand the biology of the brain to see how it works and I think the brain is the most fascinating part of the body!

    • Photo: Jason Chu

      Jason Chu answered on 27 Jun 2018:

      Biology was one of my favourite subjects because of two things.
      1. I like that it was an interesting way to explain how things in our world worked. Everything from evolution of species, to molecular pathways of energy in our body. It was really cool and meant that I could work and understand living things.
      2. I watched zombie films, and wanted to understand better how viruses spread – and what was the realistic science behind a zombie apocalypse.

    • Photo: Laura Hemming

      Laura Hemming answered on 27 Jun 2018:

      Biology wasn’t my favourite subject at school I’m afraid! I’d say either Psychology or English were 🙂