• Question: which science do you prefer?

    Asked by gruff on 25 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Hannah Farley

      Hannah Farley answered on 25 Jun 2018:

      I like genetics, which is a combination of biology and chemistry.

    • Photo: Claire Donald

      Claire Donald answered on 25 Jun 2018:

      I’m an infectious biologist so I’m all about the biology of how we get sick.

    • Photo: Ashley Akbari

      Ashley Akbari answered on 25 Jun 2018:

      I’m a computer scientist so enjoy data science 🙂

    • Photo: Lauren Burns

      Lauren Burns answered on 25 Jun 2018:

      I am a psychologist so psychology, but particularly cognitive neuroscience. I think the brain is just SO cool. I am also a big fan of physics, although casually rather than than in my day-to-day work 🙂

    • Photo: Liza Selley

      Liza Selley answered on 27 Jun 2018:

      I love toxicology – there are lots of cool experiments you can do to see how the body responds to poisonous chemicals.

    • Photo: Jason Chu

      Jason Chu answered on 27 Jun 2018:

      My favourite science is Immunology – and that covers the immune cells in our body which act to protect, clean, and repair/maintain our body. They are necessary to fight against pathogens, but in the wrong settings they can accidentally attack our own body leading to allergies and autoimmune diseases.

      Outside of my own field of study, I’m very interested in science about our environment and resources!

    • Photo: Laura Hemming

      Laura Hemming answered on 27 Jun 2018:

      My favourite science is Psychology, although I’m a fan of all things social science really 🙂

    • Photo: Camille Parsons

      Camille Parsons answered on 27 Jun 2018:

      I am a statistician, which is a type of mathematician. Therefore I feel should say maths 🙂 All areas of research and science use maths to understand relationships, and so I am lucky enough that my skills would allow me to work in many different scientific areas.