• Question: How did we evolve?

    Asked by ashij21 on 22 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Laurent Dupays

      Laurent Dupays answered on 22 Jun 2018:

      Evolution works through natural selection. Natural selection means that some individuals in a species are better at surviving than others and will have more children.
      For example, rabbit live all over, and have dark fur. But in a place where it snows a lot, white fur would be an advantage. A white furred rabbit would be harder to see and is more likely to survive and have children. These children will inherit its mum or dad’s white fur. Eventually all the rabbits living in the cold place will have white fur.
      We evolved from apes following the same logic!

    • Photo: Laura Hemming

      Laura Hemming answered on 24 Jun 2018:

      This video explains evolution pretty neatly if you want some more info 🙂

    • Photo: Ashley Akbari

      Ashley Akbari answered on 24 Jun 2018:

      Some great answers on this already (and a video 🙂 )