• Question: Could there be a way to stop mosquitoes from being so aggresive

    Asked by anon-181151 to Claire on 8 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Claire Donald

      Claire Donald answered on 8 Jun 2018:

      Hi Henners1014

      That would be great wouldn’t it! Most of the work that is going on is trying to stop the spread of viruses rather than stopping mosquitoes biting. We can change a number of mosquito genes in order to stop them spreading viruses but so far these genes are mostly linked to immunity rather than behaviour. If we can switch on genes that make them more resistant to viruses that will stop them spreading the virus when they bite you. Having said that, not all species of mosquitoes bite, so if we can find the genes that tell them to bite we can maybe turn them off and that would stop them being such a pest when we go on holiday!