Lesson 1 – You’re the Judges

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Generate student registration link before this lesson so you can share it with the students for their homework.


Show the zone home page on the screen to introduce the class to the activity.

Main activity – You’re the Judges!

Students have the power to decide who wins this competition!

This activity helps students think about what is important to them in judging the scientists.
NB/ The criteria are general and don’t necessarily relate to specific people in this event.

1. Show the class the criteria list

2. Ask students to consider which criteria are most important and which are least important to them.

3. Rank the criteria and discuss as a class. Can the class agree on a top 5?


  • Can students come up with any other criteria that may be important when judging the scientists?
  • Take a look at some of the scientists’ profiles as a class – how do they fare up against your top judgement criteria?

Suggested Homework

Provide students with registration link:

  • Students log in at home and set up their profiles.
  • Students read at least 2 scientists’ profiles.
  • Students ASK one question on the site.