• Question: How much does each piece equipment cost?

    Asked by harrywilliams to Alexandra, Alex, Ashley, Millie, Claire, Claudia, Damian, Daniel, Dave, Donna, Eóghan, Hannah, Helen, Jason, Jo, Joaquin, Joey, Laura, Lauren, Laurent, Leo, Liza, Marion, Nathan, Beccy on 14 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Laura Hemming

      Laura Hemming answered on 14 Jun 2018:

      I don’t need too much equipment for my studies. If I’m doing qualitative interviews then I come up with the questions myself, and I would need to buy an audio recorder which is about £150. For my questionnaire research, some of the questionnaires I want to use are free, but others are costed. The ones that are costed range in cost but can cost anywhere from £30 to £200 for 100 forms.

    • Photo: Claire Donald

      Claire Donald answered on 15 Jun 2018:

      It depends on the piece of equipment. We have pipettes that we use all the time and they cost about £200 each. I do most of my work in sterile conditions in a special cabinet which keeps everything clean and they cost about £5000. The most expensive piece of equipment we have in our building is a very high tech microscope which was just bought for several million pounds!

    • Photo: Ashley Akbari

      Ashley Akbari answered on 15 Jun 2018:

      This can vary quite a lot by the type and requirements of the equipment you need. Standard equipment like a desktop PC or laptop can be bought for the same prices you would when walking into a shop or buying. Some of our larger database or server architecture can cost 10’s if not 100’s of thousands – but would support and allow access for 100’s of concurrent users to run really large and complex projects on that a PC or laptop could not work on.